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Transitional Housing For Veterans

This Short Documentary explores Chesapeake Health Education Program Inc's Transitional Housing for Veterans initiative.


Click here to watch a brief news clip of CHEP's own Joe Towles discuss his battle with addiction and suicidal thoughts and how he is now driven to help other Veterans battling mental illness in CHEP's Veteran Program.

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Transitional Housing NewsLetter

Air Land and Sea - Volume 1

Air Land and Sea - Volume 2 - February 2016 Edition

The Commitment

The Chesapeake Health Education Program, Inc. has a longstanding service mission to provide

transitional housing to homeless and/or disabled veterans. The rationale is simple: veterans should not experience the indignity of not having a place to reside. As an outgrowth of CHEP’s partnership with the VA, CHEP provides 123 beds to homeless veterans in five (5) locations along the east coast. The housing sites cluster within the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states and are categorized into Grant and Per Diem Beds (supported by the VA) and Contract beds (operated by our non-profit corporation). The sites include the following:


City and State Program Name Beds Beds
Mid Atlantic Sites Grant Per Diem Contract
Perry Point, Maryland Veterans Independent project 29  
Washington, DC DC Vets 14  
Southeastern Sites    
Charleston, South Carolina Veterans Villas 20  
North Charleston, South Carolina Charleston VETS 20 30
North Charelston, South Carolina Freedom House   10
Total 83 40

Our work targets the reality that on any given day, as many as 250,000 veterans (male and female) are living on our Nations’ streets or in shelters. Our effort has assisted hundreds of veterans over the years and each of our 5 sites addresses different needs among the homeless veteran population.

Each day, CHEP provides housing for homeless veterans so they can live in a safe and comfortable environment. With our primary office on the campus of the Perry Point, VA Maryland Health Care System, what better commitment could we provide?


CHEP is proud to support an initiative for homelessness awareness in Charleston, SC called Charleston Homeless.  This initiative has been diligently designed, and is now being implemented, by Meadors Design Services of Charleston. "We hope that the success of this installation will benefit your organization, the community, and most of all those who have fallen into homelessness" - Michael Nixon, Meador Design Services. 

Check out their work and follow their progress at